It´s all about music, love, peace & loco

I felt trapped most of my life. When I first read about the digital nomad lifestyle, I saw a way out of the little box I was putting myself in. I started working on being able to work abroad, and after around five years of work and constantly moving between Austria and Thailand, it seems that I finally made it. Yes, I´m a nomad now, well not a real digital nomad because I have my home base in Chiang Mai, Thailand. But I will travel from there…

Somethings changed in the last 3 months I spend in Chiang Mai. I was an anxious guy, quiet and happy being on my own. Don´t get me wrong here, I´m very happy being alone but now I also like to spend time with people. Good, interesting people from who I can learn from, and I hope they can learn something from me too.

The world has finally opened for me. I don´t ask why I say why not!

Being in a mindset like that opens all sorts of doors, the world gets bigger and bigger. You meet interesting people all the time and have fun most of the time too. Of course, there are some hardships from time to time, but they come and go, it doesn´t really matter.

Music is the key

One thing that changed me dramatically is turning off the TV. I started to listen to music instead of watching boring television series, although I like the Simpsons, Family Guy and Black Mirror (highly recommended if you haven´t heard about it already). But I only watch those series occasionally. It´s all about music, love, peace & loco!

I share my favorites with you. Turn off the TV and start living like I did. Haha…

What music do you love?

Sharing is caring and I always look out for new stuff… so comment and let me know…
thanks in advance…

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