So, why this website?

Well, I was trying to become a digital nomad for the last 5 years or so. I failed cause I like to have a “home” and not be on the road all the time. I also think that I´m already to old to do such  a thing – I´m getting 40 this December… Maybe this is just an excuse but I don´t know.

I´m also not very good at traveling. It´s exhausting. I like to travel slow and stay at one place for a long period. Another thing is that I like luxury and comfort, which you have to give up to a certain point as a digital nomad. It´s not always sunshine, beach and perfect weather… it gets hot, humid and very uncomfortable to work sometimes. The Wifi isn´t working, your battery is dead or whatever.

I guess I´m kind of a half-time digital nomad, which is fine. I spend most winters in Asia and the Summers in Austria, where I was born and raised.

So again, why nomadgear?

I tried to be a travel blogger but failed miserably. I just don´t want to talk and write about the cheapest hostels, the greatest beaches or whatever else it is a travel blogger does.

What I´m good at is packing and doing research. I like trying out new, high quality, lightweight products and try to keep my luggage as small and practical as possible. Since I was trying to become a digital nomad, I was searching for tech stuff, clothes, shoes and everything else you can imagine… I love to do that, and I´d like to share it. I like good products, but I consider myself a minimalist.

I hope you find this site useful, all products are liked to Amazon, for now I don´t have any self produced gear – but maybe sometime 🙂

Have fun and safe travels,

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