How to get a Thai Drivers License in Chiang Mai

How to get a Thai Drivers License in Chiang Mai 1

I was looking online for informations about how to get a Thai Drivers License and found some – more or less – valid informations. I decided to write about how to get a drivers license in Chiang Mai because I just did it yesterday – succesfull! If you live in Chiang Mai and if you […]

Top 5 “Hidden Gem” Coffee Shops in Chiang Mai

Top 5 "Hidden Gem" Coffee Shops in Chiang Mai 69

Chiang Mai – a coffee lovers paradise… I love coffee, I think I already made that clear. I love silence too. I like to work in a quiet space, surrounded by nice people and lots of trees and flowers. There countless coffee shops in Chiang Mai so I decided to write only about 5 of […]

Leave the Nomad Lifestyle behind at Azalea Village Resort Chiang Dao

azalea resort Chiang Dao

Get a break from the Digital Nomad Lifestyle Everyone needs a break from time to time. Especially as a digital nomad. I can only talk about myself, but I work every day, there is no weekend or day off. This gets exhausting so the best thing to do is take a weekend off and go […]

Koh Mak an Island in Thailand which is still unspoiled

koh mak thailand

Koh Mak, an Island which is still quiet and laidback I was looking for a quiet island in Thailand, which in fact is not that easy these days. I found it! Koh Mak is the place to go if you´re not after Full Moon Partys or getting drunk all day long. It´s chilled, laidback and […]